Furniture renovation

Furniture renovation – Furniture antiquation


Your home will be nicer, the enviroment more comfortable

Mostly I take care of restoring old furnitures as well as of antiquating and painting them. I paint themes and drawings on demand. Give me your furniture and  we will realize an artistic renovation, a decoration or a transformation.

I also take care of antiquating, restoring and painting frames and accessories.

Antikolt képkeretek

Year by year we gained a lot of partners and selected suppliers to satisfy your demands, as our old clients know well.

The furnitures you see in this page have been antiquated with a sooty white colour, but of course we can antiquate them with different colours according your demands

I take care of restoring furnitures of summer houses, rustic houses and manors.

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Painted furnitures – Hand painted furnitures

Furnitures artistically decorated – priceless beauty

Here a Provance style renewed bathroom.

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Do you like it ? Do you think that unique and quality furnitures are an impossible luxory ? For me the greatest pleasure is to make reachable this luxory. The hand decorated furnitures give a unique pleasure.

The furnitures aristic painting is a special category. Give life to your beautiful old sleeping furnitures.

Provance style furnitures

Make your home unique and special !

I also take care of renewing and painting, even on specific demands, hand painted, rustic and provenzal style furnitures i.e. – wardrobes- beds- commodes- cabinets- chairs-tables- doors- beams-stairs.

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